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I'm so happy you're here. I'm Alexa, and I'm a wedding photographer based in Barnstead, NH, but I'll jump at a chance to travel wherever my work takes me! I knew from the time my husband Marc and I fell in love & our own love story was documented that I wanted to help others relive their love story the same way I got to relive mine. I'm obsessed with love stories; I love hearing how couples met, fell in love, got engaged, and how they plan to celebrate their story through their wedding plans. As a wedding photographer, I now get to relive my love story through yours every day, and it's the best!! 

For me, this isn't a typical client-vendor relationship. Instead, my number one priority is to turn my clients into lifelong friends as I document their engagement, wedding, and even future seasons of their lives together! I believe memories are worth investing in, and I'm honored to be able to provide an experience that turns fleeting memories into moments that will last forever.


More about Alexa 

When you fall in love, you realize how much love deserves to be celebrated. As a wedding photographer who got married recently, I know exactly how you’re feeling! I know you can't stop staring at the new bling on your left hand (I couldn't either - and still can't!), I know you're a little overwhelmed, and I know you've never been happier in your life. I know how it feels to be in love, and I'm passionate about making sure these special moments in your life are remembered forever through photography. 

Wedding photography is my favorite, and I serve couples all over NH & beyond. It's such an honor to play such an important role in your wedding day. I build friendships with my couples, I believe there's nothing better than love and finding your forever best friend, and I deeply value the legacy of wedding photos. Most of all, I'm thrilled you found me, and I'm so excited to learn about YOU!

- I'm obsessed with HOT AIR BALLOONS
- I'M a fitness fanatic and workout at least 6 days a week. 
 Current FAVE: Ireland
 bucket list: greece

3 Things I Love
(Besides my camera, of course!) 

1. My husband, Marc - He's where my obsession with love stories began.

2. My son Braydn - there's nothing better than being a mom!

3. Music - there's nothing better than a good dance party! 

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Weddings are my favorite because they are a day filled with excitement, love, and happiness. The best day of my life was my wedding and now I get to be a special part in other's best days of their lives. It's such an honor. 


Engagement sessions are the best time to get to know my brides and grooms! I get to learn about how they met, their love story, how he popped the question, and all about their big day. Engagement sessions make the wedding day go smoother! 


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