wedding photographer posing with camera, smiling excitedly to share her website rebrand

Why I Decided to Rebrand My Website

  1. Cristine Day says:

    Oh Alexa!! This screams you all over it!! Absolutely beautiful! I love the style and the logo is on point!! Your work is phenomenal and you catch life’s most precious moments!

    It is so true what you say here- to be a lifelong friend! Over the years our friendship has grown and I never would have thought all this would have come from meeting you for engagement pictures ❤️ I am so grateful for you and am so ecstatic to see your business grow!!! 💗

    • aracine says:

      Thank you Cristine! I’m so happy you think it screams ME!! That was my goal! & Yes from your engagement session to now – we’ve gained a great friendship! So grateful for you!

  2. I love how each section of this website is EXTREMELY detailed and very well written out. I love the color theme and I love the getting to know you better part. I agree and think it’s very important to have a photographer who you feel comfortable with and who is gonna make your session stress free just like you said! This website is over beautiful and I think you nailed it. Congratulations!!! 🍾🎉 Job well done

  3. Alisha says:

    Omg. Love the new website. It’s so welcoming and pretty! It captures my attention so well

  4. Jessica Arndt says:

    Love the new website Alexa!! The design is so elegant yet playful! Perfect for you. Wishing you the best of luck as your business continues to grow!

  5. Clara Jude says:

    Congratulations on the new website! It is beautiful and eye-catching! I love the color scheme so much. It is subtle, elegant, and draws people in. Thank you again for capturing my husband and I’s wedding. You are so talented!

    • aracine says:

      Thank you Clara!! Elegant was one of the words I was focusing on with this design! Glad you picked up on that! It was an honor to be part of your special day!

  6. Kaleigh says:

    Such a beautiful and elegant page!
    I hope one day that you can capture my story❤️

  7. Kelsie Spetelunas says:

    This is wonderful and so beautiful! I love it! Congrats!

  8. Morgan leach says:

    I love this Alexa!! This website matches your personality so amazingly!! And I’m loving the color scheme you went with! Congratulations on your amazing rebranding! We can’t wait to work with you more in the future!

  9. Samantha says:

    Congratulations on the rebranding of your business! This is such an exciting time and take advantage of it! Your new website and logo look amazing, your page is very mobile friendly! Excited for what the future holds for you!

  10. Stephanie Landry says:

    I love the new website! It has such a classic and rustic feel. Very professional but not boring!

  11. Jamie Morin says:

    Girl you deserve the world! You are amazing and I am so thankful to be able to watch you grow an a photographer! You are incredible and I can’t thank you enough for the moments you’ve captured! 💕

  12. Lauren Woolsey says:

    Love the new website! It is so welcoming and inviting! I love how easy it is to “surf”. Everything is so beautiful!

  13. Jacki says:

    Love the new site, Alexa, it is perfect! It is so elegant and easy to maneuver. You deserve this opportunity more than anyone I know. <3

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